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After the World Health Organization revealed the connection between cell phone radiation and brain cancer, you can imagine the worries that must have spread through the black community. More than any other group, black people live on their cell phones.  Let’s face it: We like to stay connected. The convenience and portability of a cell phone is similar to keeping the barber shop, hair salon, or your favorite church group in your pocket.

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Even though the radiation emissions of cell phones have been linked to disease, you do not have to give up your cell phone chatting habits completely. Here are ten tips that can protect you from cell phone radiation, so that you can stay connected to your favorite folks:

1. Do not make calls when your bars are low.

This forces the phone to work harder to establish a connection, making it release more radiation.

2. Do not use your cell phone in enclosed spaces, such as elevators or cars.

Enclosures force phones to release more radiation to connect to signals.

3. Refrain from making cell calls while driving.

Moving rapidly while talking requires your cell phone to reconnect frequently to new towers, causing large amounts of energy to be released.

4. Limit the use of your cell phone.

Keep calls short, and text instead of calling whenever possible.

5. Do not keep a cell phone on your body while it is on.

The body can also absorb harmful radiation, so keep it away from your torso when not in use.

6. Use the speakerphone.

If you are alone and won’t annoy others, this is a great way to talk while keeping the phone at a safe distance from your head.

7. If you use Bluetooth, switch the device from side to side.

This will prevent the radiation exposure from being concentrated on one side.  While the radiation from a Bluetooth device is lower than that of a cell phone, there is still some risk.

8. Use a wired headset with a ferrite bead.

The wire that attaches the listening device to your phone also transmits radiation into the ear, but it is far less than having the cell phone directly next to your head. By attaching a ferrite bead, which you can purchase at many electronics stores, you further reduce the radiation transmission.

9. Only let children use cell phones in an emergency.

All little kids want cell phones these days, but the radiation from these devices penetrates much further into their smaller brains. Don’t let them use cell phones routinely.

10. Invest in a low radiation cell phone.

Different devices emit varying levels of radiation, so it’s worth investigating whether a low radiation cell phone might be right for you. In addition, no matter what your phone model is, follow the manufacturer’s advice about usage, which often contains directions for how to use and carry your phone to limit radiation exposure.

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